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Fish farms will benefit from WHAT?

Dinner planning in our house revolves around fish quite often.  My kids love pretty much any kind of fish.  I’m always very picky choosing fish, especially how and where it was raised.  I grew up eating stripers and catfish from the river or panfish and largemouth from local farm ponds.  Nowadays, we have limits on how many fish you can eat during a certain time frame from our river.  Unfortunatley, I can’t find much time to fish a farm pond anymore.  Therefore, we have to resort to fish coming from the grocery store.  Researchers seem to have found an oil from none other than a chicken’s tail that could help fish growth.  This discovery could be newsworthy for fish farms and could lead to better production for different types of fish.

“University researchers are using oil that comes from a gland on chickens’ tails to improve survival at fish farms in a discovery that could have global implications for the Atlantic salmon industry.”

“Researchers believe the oil allows fish to focus energy that’s otherwise spent fighting off infections and parasites in their gut into growth development. It also improves their chances of survival in stressful situations.”

“The oil, which they’ve named cosajaba, could have a global impact on the Atlantic salmon industry, Barry said. The industry loses hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of fish when they’re moved between tanks, vaccinated and transition from fresh water to saltwater.”

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