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America’s top ammo cartridges!

Do you have a favorite cartridge?  I certainly do!  Mine would be the 12 gauge shotgun shell.  I sleep with my 12 gauge handy and consider it one of the best defense weapons I could have.  It holds a pretty mean pattern on spring gobblers too!  Everyone has their own favorite of course but here is a list of the top 10 most versatile cartridges on the market.  You can never have too many favorites when it comes to guns and ammo right?  Richard Mann listed the top 10 for Outdoor Life magazine.  Does your favorite fall into this list?

“Fortunately we don’t live in a country where you can only own a couple firearms. Americans like to pontificate about the one-gun solution to everything, or the only cartridge you should have, if you could only have one. However, who wants to think in terms of one? That should only to apply to significant others and tax audits. When it comes to guns and cartridges, more is better. But, just so you don’t end up with more stuff you don’t need, here’s a list of the 10 essential cartridges any true American should have a firearm chambered for, listed in no a particular order.”

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