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Its almost time for Bullfrogs in Kansas!

Growing up I used to love to catch frogs.  It didn’t matter what kind of frog. If it jumped I was after it.  I would love to know how many hours I spent in the creeks or around farm ponds just trying to catch frogs.  As I got a little older, I found a new love for frogs, on my dinner plate.

Living in the country, we didn’t go to the store or order frog legs on line, we went gigging.  For years, I couldn’t think of a better thing to do on a hot summer night then load up the canoe and find a mess of frogs.  I was pretty darn accurate with a gig,  while my husband worked the light and manuvered the canoe.  I always ended up being the one to clean and cook them as well.  Really didn’t matter to me because its hard to beat a plate full of fried frog legs.  Maybe they tasted better because I put all the work into it!

Kansas is getting ready for their Bullfrog season which will open July 1.  Keep reading for more information on rules and regulations.

“Bullfrogs: big, green, bellowing creatures of the pond. They’re a common sight in Kansas, and more so a common sound at night. A bullfrog’s call seems to say “summer is here,” and what better way to celebrate the season than to catch these water-loving acrobats with friends and family. The Kansas bullfrog season will be open from July 1-October 31. The daily limit of bullfrogs is eight and the possession limit is 24.”

“Frogging is a great way to cool off after a hot summer day, but first you need to locate a good waterhole. You can do this by listening for bullfrog croaks during the evenings. The more you hear, the better it will be. Next, you’ll need some simple gear.”



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