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American Flags stolen from Veteran’s yard and you will not believe where they were found!

I am as American as apple pie and baseball.  The American Flag is one of the greatest symbols in my life other than my Bible.  I believe in complete and utter reverance during the Star-Spangled Banner.  In fact, many times my eyes fill with tears just thinking about what our anthem means to me.   Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way about our Flag!  Imagine, how one local Texas Veteran felt when he discovered all of his small American Flags gone from his yard.  We all know how cruel people can be.  Thankfully, there was a witness to the crime but you will never believe who the thieves were and what they did with the flags!

“This week, a local Air Force veteran was heartbroken to discover all the American flags in his front yard had been stolen.”

“But the man’s frustration actually turned into laughter after a neighbor showed him video of the thieves in action.”

“Jennifer Northam showed us what’s left of her father’s flag memorial – nothing but sticks, the flags forcibly torn off.”

“Little did they know, their neighbor Devin Rivera-Duque witnessed the whole thing.”

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