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This angler thought there was room for everyone to fish, until…..

Everyone has their favorite hunting or fishing spot.  However, a couple of Louisiana anglers shared the same sentiment over one particular fishing hole.  What happened next is just unreal!  I don’t understand why people get so worked up.  Instead of handling the situation like adults, these two resorted to violence.   Fishing can be competitve at times but is it really worth violence?  No!  There could be more to this story but for now one angler is behind bars.   Can you imagine being out fishing and having something like this happen?  Harrassing other hunters or anglers is a crime in Louisiana.  Any disputes of this nature should be handled by authorities.  Keep reading to see how this incident played out.  There should have been plenty of room for everyone to fish!

“Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries enforcement agents cited an Opelousas man for an alleged dispute over a public fishing hole on Toledo Bend Reservoir in Sabine Parish on June 12.”

“When LDWF agents and SPSO deputies arrived on scene they learned that Johnson and his wife were fishing the area when Bullara pulled up in his boat demanding Johnson leave the area. After a lengthy and heated dispute over the public fishing area, Johnson pulled a firearm on Bullara.”

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