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Apply now to win Nebraska’s hunting lottery!

For residents and non-residents of Nebraska, this is an awesome hunting opportunity.  Try out your luck for Nebraska’s Super Tag lottery.  This super tag includes tags for elk, deer, antelope and two turkeys!  What a prize!  They even allow for multiple opportunites to enter the lottery drawing.  Not only are they giving away one of these tags but Nebraska is holding a drawing for two of the tags.  Non-residents can apply for the second drawing.  For more information on how to apply, keep reading.  Having an opportunity to win this super tag would prove you are truly a lucky person.  Best of luck to the winners!
“Enter the Nebraska Super Tag lottery for the chance to win a tag for elk, deer, antelope and two turkeys. The lucky winner has two years to fill his or her permit. One lottery is for Nebraska residents only. The second is open to both residents and nonresidents, and allows multiple entries.”

“Get your lottery entry in today. And start making your plans to hunt Nebraska this fall!”

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