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Bad Bitterroot Bears!

Montana’s Bitterroot Valley is home to a decent population of bears.  Unfortunately, this year there is an significant increase in bear versus human incidents.  Thank goodness none of the incidents have turned into conflict but a few have been hair-raising.  Imagine being in your tent with a bear standing outside of it!  Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks are working to keep residents and visitors safe in the Bitterroot.  There is a huge balance between protecting humans and bears so both can co-exist.  One of the biggest thing people can do is be Bear Prepared!  Keep reading for more information on how to remain safe in bear country!

“This could be a bad year for bears in the Bitterroot.”

“Within the space of a week, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wardens captured and relocated two black bears that were creating havoc at a campground and a chicken coop.”

“Both bears were on the skinny side, said Warden Lou Royce.”

 “That bit of bear activity is unusual in the Bitterroot Valley. Royce said FWP trapped and relocated one two years ago and none the year before.”

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