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This barred owl had a hankering for a fish dinner! [Video]

I love owls.  Great-horned owls, screech owls, barred owls, short-eared owls and great gray owls are all on top of some of my best birding memories.  I love to listen to barred owls in the early mornings while hunting spring gobblers.  The barred owl’s who-cooks- for you call during November is usually the signal to end my deer hunting for the evening.  However, hearing the same call from my treestand lets me know the owls are getting ready for their hunt. For a couple out fishing with their young child they had an up close and personal encounter with a barred owl.  This particular owl had a hankering for the fish the folks were catching.  Watch this awesome video for yourself!!

“These nice folks seemed to be on a fishing trip with their child when one of the silent hunters decided it had a hankering for fresh fish.”

“Thanks to these fun-loving parents for sharing their experience with the rest of us.”

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