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The best of the Chesapeake Bay times two!

The Chesapeake Bay is infamous for two things, blue crabs and oysters!  For the Mayor of Tangier Island he pulled the best of both worlds from the Bay.  And what an oddity it was!  The Mayor recently found the crab with two oysters attached.  This bizarre find shows the crab with huge “eyes” which are really the oysters.  While not unusual to see oysters attached to crabs, it is unsual for them to be stragetically placed as these two were!  Take a look at this photo and see what you think of this crab and his passengers.  Hopefully, they helped guide his way through the Bay!

“Tangier Island Mayor James “Ooker” Eskridge recently pulled an unusual find from the Chesapeake Bay — a two-year old blue crab with two six-month old oysters growing right on its shell.”

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