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Broadheads…how do you chose?

Anglers have rods, reels and lures.  Shooters have guns and ammo.  Archers have bows, arrows and broadheads.  In what has become an extremely popular form of target shooting and hunting, archery is a big market.  Believe me,  I spend a small fortune each year to equip my two bowhunters with the latest and greatest products on the market.  For those that chose to archery hunt, brands are often dependent on the shooter.  Same goes for broadheads.  And there are lots of choices.  Whether you hunt with a compound or traditional bow, your broadhead is usually a personal preference.  Depending on what you are hunting also adds to the equation.  Check out these top 10 broadheads for traditional bows.  Maybe you will discover your old reliable or a new favorite.

“The selection of broadheads on the market today is nothing short of perplexing. If I were to segregate this array into two distinct groups, those would be “modern” broadheads designed for compound bows, and “traditional” broadheads, designed for recurve and longbow hunters.”

Modern broadheads are effective, but they take advantage of the speed of modern bows.  Traditional type broadheads need to be as strong and efficient as possible to make the most out of a recurve or longbow’s more limited performance.”


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