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What a disgrace for New Mexico!

Poachers are an absolute disgrace to all hunters!  There is no reason for shooting an animal and leaving it to waste.  One deer can feed a family many meals, not to mention the money a poached trophy animal takes away from state resources.  I wish more states had harsher penalties for those convicted of poaching.  The crime gives legal hunters a bad name and its just a terrible wanton waste.  New Mexico is currently investigating a rash of poaching incidents across the state.  If you have any information please come forward and help make these cowards pay!
“Department of Game and Fish conservation officers are investigating multiple poaching cases in Northwestern New Mexico involving deer, elk and antelope.”

“Fourteen deer, one elk and three antelope are known to have been killed illegally so far this winter.  While no parts of the antelope were removed from the scenes of the crimes, “the majority of the deer and the elk have only had the heads removed, and the rest was left to rot” said Brad Ryan, Aztec District Conservation Officer in Aztec.”

“Large mule deer are particularly susceptible to poaching at this time of year because they are breeding and not as wary as usual. In early December, three of the deer were discovered decapitated on the “Rosa” portion of the Bureau of Land Management property near Navajo Lake.”

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