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Epic footage of a mountain lion taking down a deer! [Video]

Wow!  This is amazing footage of a mountain lion taking down a deer at a water source.  The speed of this big cat is absolutely unbelievable.  What is even more impressive is the camera caught it all!  I knew mountain lions were stealthy hunters but this deer never stood a chance.  No reaction time!  What epic footage.  Wait until you see this clip.  I bet you will be just as impressed as I was.

“The rebounding of California’s mountain lion population has been well documented, and it’s no secret that the predators are making meals of area wildlife, and domestic pets, to sustain their numbers. But a trail camera, belonging to Randy Spade of Whitmore, Calif., captured a sight rarely seen—a lion taking down an unsuspecting deer.”

“Spade, a lifelong outdoorsman and an ardent deer hunter, has the cameras set up on a ranch owned by one of his dad’s old hunting buddies. Spade visits every Sunday to replace empty batteries and swap out full memory cards, and then he eats dinner with the landowner while scanning the week’s footage.”

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Mountain Lion Takes Down Deer

Mountain Lion Takes Down DeerRead how a California hunter captured the rare footage:

Posted by Field & Stream on Friday, June 9, 2017





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