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Fiona made her debut today….watch her swim! [Video]

Back at the end of January the Cincinnati Zoo gained a new addition.  She just came a little early, 6 weeks early to be exact.  Fiona the Baby Hippo was born premature to her mom Bibi on January 25.  Thankfully she has gained weight and has been doing well over the past few months.  Today she had her first media debut in the Hippo Cover.  Though she had some help if needed in the water, because its a long way to walk for such a “little” hippo, she did great.  Fiona has also been visiting with her mom and dad to help with the social contact needed when she is ready to be reintroduced to her family.  Everyone was super excited to see this little miracle come out and swim.  Though not quite ready to meet the public, Fiona is making strides everyday.  Watch her debut!

“Reporters and photographers gathered in the cove Wednesday evening, cameras and video cameras at the ready. Watching, waiting intently.”

‘”After all, they’d — we’d — been waiting months for this. The chance to get a glimpse of the much buzzed-about celebrity. Maybe even photograph her in the pool.”‘

“Then, a chorus of squeals broke the quiet. Fiona had noticed the people noticing her. She approached the glass, gazed at her admirers. Turned, as if to say, “be sure to get my good side.”‘

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