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What she found in her salad is just gross!

Usually when frogs are served they are shown on the menu as frog legs.  For one dinner guest at a restaurant in Los Angeles, she got more thank she asked for.  She didn’t think her salad tasted all that great so she started looking through it.  This is when she found a bit of extra protein.  Can you imagine finding a dead frog in your salad?  There is no idea how long the frog had been in the pre-mixed salad.  Gross and disgusting!  I am not sure I could ever eat at the dinig establishment again!  I know accidents happen but this one is sickening!

“A San Dimas woman says she still feels sick after finding a frog in her salad while eating at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in West Covina earlier this month.”

“Shawna Cepeda was dining with her family and was about four bites into a salad when she noticed the food tasted a little bitter and started to stir it around, according to her June 13 review on Yelp.”

“The investigation was sent to the California Department of Public Health because the produce supplier was not located in the country, Martel told the Tribune.”

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