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Hedgehog swells up like a beach ball!

What one person thought was a pregnant hedgehog was really a very sick hedgehog.  Thankfully, this little creature was taken in for medical treatment.  Hedgehogs have extra room in their skin and are often susceptible to “balloon syndrome”.  The xray photo shows how swollen the hedgehog had become.  With medical attention the spiny animal is doing much better but still being monitored.  The crazy part of the medical procedure is when they actually popped the hedgehog.  Sounds crazy but after being almost twice his normal size, doctors felt this was the only way to try and save him.  Keep reading for more on this odd story!

“An unfortunate hedgehog suffering from an unusual disease has made a miraculous recovery.”

“A Good Samaritan in Doncaster, England, last Monday called the RSPCA about what she thought was a pregnant hedgehog — but the reality was must more bizarre.”

“When Inspector Sandra Dransfield went to retrieve the animal, she realized that the little guy was actually suffering from an odd illness known as “balloon syndrome.”‘

“According to a press release from the RSPCA, an infection caused gas to collect under the hedgehog’s skin. Because the skin over the animal’s back is big enough to allow the critter to roll up into a ball, it easily filled with gas and expanded.”

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