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Be on the lookout for floating fire ants!

There is potential for tropical storm weather in the south and southeast this coming weekend.   Residents should begin their storm preparations.   It seems early for tropical storms but then again it is almost July and we are moving into hurricane season.  Not only do residents have to contend with the possibilities of flooding rains and winds but now floating fire ants.  This invasive species was introduced over 70 years ago.  Seems the ants were introduced like many other unwelcome species, by shipping vessels.  If you live in the areas where Tropical Storm Cindy is expected to hit, please be safe and watch out for these dangerous floating colonies of fire ants.

“With Tropical Storm Cindy moving into Alabama, residents have been warned of the risks posed by floating colonies of red imported fire ants.”

‘“Floodwaters will not kill fire ants,” warned the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, in a blog post Wednesday. “Instead their colonies will emerge from the soil, form a loose ball, float and flow with the water until reaching a dry area or object.”’

“Residents are urged to avoid any contact with a floating mass of ants, even, for example, with the oar of a rowboat.”

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