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Maine runner attacked by rabid raccoon but she took matters into her own hands!

A Maine runner had a terrifying encounter when out for a run recently.  She came upon a raccoon who was racing at her.  The runner, Rachel Borch,  knew she was in trouble and really had no way to avoid the confrontation.  As she was being bit on the hand, the woman knew she had to use quick thinking.  If not for this quick thinking the attack could have been much worse.  The creature latched onto her thumb.  But then Rachel took matters into her own hands.  You never know what kind of experiences you will have when out in the wild but rabid animal attacks are probably low on the list.  Keep reading for more details on her attack by this rabid raccoon!  You won’t believe how it ends.

“A Maine woman says a rabid raccoon attacked her while she was out for a run, so she drowned it in a puddle.”

“Rachel Borch, 21, of Hope, says she was running in woods near her home June 2 when she saw the raccoon charging with its teeth bared.”

“She says she knew the aggressive animal was going to bite her, so she held out her hands so it would bite her there. It sank its teeth into her thumb and wouldn’t let go.”

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