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Montana wolves are still holding their own!

Wolves in Montana!  This subject is always a highly debatable topic.  Having lived in Montana for a while and visiting as often as possible, it is usually a topic I don’t bring up under the Big Sky!  There are always two sides to every story. The wolf tale definitley has two sides.  Canis Lupis is hated by many in Montana while loved by others. Research by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks says the population is still healthy.  Would only take about one trip to Yellowstone to figure that out!  As for my elk hunting friends in western Montana, they will tell you, wolves are are alive and well in the Treasure State!

“Wolf numbers in Montana remained healthy in 2016 and at more than three times the federally mandated minimums.”

“Montana’s annual wolf report shows a minimum of 477 wolves were counted for 2016. That’s down from 536 wolves counted in 2015, but doesn’t necessarily reflect a reduction in wolf numbers, but rather a reduction in counting effort.  Included in this number is a minimum number of 50 breeding pairs. This compares to a minimum count of 32 breeding pairs in 2015, and 34 breeding pairs in 2014.”

“According to that report, hunters and ranchers have long claimed that the wolf population is higher than reported and that hunting should be expanded. Environmentalists say the state wolf population is declining and the new system will be unreliable, making management more difficult and putting the species in danger. The new system would use data from hunters and likely result in high population estimates.”

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