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Niagara Falls daredevil breaks record by the skin of her teeth!

Just months after a stuntman died going over Niagara Falls, another daredevil tried to break a world record.  And she broke it by the skin of her teeth.  Literally!  Erendira Wallenda hung over the infamous falls on a hoop by her teeth.  What a woman!  Hanging over 300 feet above the falls, Erendira broke the world record set by her husband.  I climb a 20′ treestand and get a little antsy at times.  The adrenaline rush from this type of stunt has to be off the charts.  For me, I will stick to trying my hand at hula hooping on the ground.   No need for me to hang by my teeth from a hoop!

“Daredevil and professional aerialist Erendira Wallenda broke the world record Thursday for the highest suspension over Niagara Falls.”

“Her act set a Guinness World Record for height, breaking the record Nik set when he hung from his teeth 250 feet above Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.”

“Transported by a helicopter, Erendira sat in a hula hoop and performed multiple acrobatic flips before using only a mouth piece to suspend from the circle. She then hung upside down with her feet on the hoop before repeating the mouth stunt.”

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