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No reports of bovine TB in South Dakota wildlife!

TB in wild animals is a concern for many state wildlife agencies.  After discovery of bovine tuberculosis in a South Dakota cattle herd, wildlife officials began testing wildlife around the area.  A wide range of wildlife was tested and all reports to date have come back negative, thankfully.  Fortunately, the meat collected from the big game animals tested will be donated to local food bank distribution centers.  State agencies work hard to prevent the spread of disease and infection from wild animals and livestock animals, and vice versa.    Bovine TB can be a fatal infection and cause devastating effects to wildlife populations.  South Dakota will continue to conduct testing in other areas as needed.

“There is some encouraging news from Harding County about the discovery in March of bovine tuberculosis in a livestock herd.”

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“After the TB in cattle was discovered, State Game, Fish and Parks conducted tests to see if the disease had spread to nearby wildlife.”

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