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North Carolina dresses up Mountain Island Lake for the fish!

All fishermen know the key to good fishing is good structure.  No matter, if you are fishing ponds, lakes or open water, structures can be key to finding fish.  North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has recently placed numerous fish attractors in their Mountain Island Lake.  Dressing up the lake with these structures should be a win-win for fish and anglers alike.  Built in 1924, Mountain Island Lake outside of Charlotte was formed as part of the Mountain Island Hydroelectric Station.  Now the lake has more opportunity for anglers with the placement of the fish attractors.  These artifical attractors provide cover for bass and catfish as well as the food these fish feed on.  These elements will help provide excellent fishing opportunities for anglers at Mountain Island Lake.

“Anglers should see improved fishing opportunities at Mountain Island Lake after fisheries staff with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission deployed 200 fish attractors into the 3,300-acre lake this spring”

“Typically, staff place one to five fish structures around a standard fish attractor buoy; however, with this project, they placed 100 fish attractors in the upper part of the lake and 100 attractors in the lower part of the lake to dramatically increase fish cover in a small area. The two areas are marked with special buoys that read “Concentrated Fish Attractor Area,” and also contain standard fish attractor buoys marking the perimeter of the fish attractor areas.”

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