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Oregon Salvage Roadkill Law Not In Effect Yet

Oregon is working to allow people to salvage roadkilled deer and elk.  However, the bill will not go into effect until 2019.  This bill’s purpose is to allow people to salvage the meat from the animals hit on roadways.  Antlers cannot be claimed when the meat is salvaged however.  So many deer and elk are killed on roadways each year especially during the rut.  It is a great plan if the meat can be salvaged as soon as possible as to provide food for families.  The state is still working on the plan to make sure it is responsible way of collecting animals that would other wise be wasted.  Just remember for now roadkilled deer and elk cannot be salvaged from Oregon’s roadways.  For more information on the plan, keep reading!

“A new law allowing the salvage of roadkilled deer and elk will not take effect until Jan. 1, 2019 at the latest. Salvaging roadkilled deer and elk remains unlawful until new rules are adopted to implement the new statute.”

“The Legislature gave the Department up to two years to develop a safe, responsible salvage program. Until that time, current Oregon wildlife regulations remain in place and state “No person shall possess or transport any game mammal or part thereof, which has been illegally killed, found or killed for humane reasons, except shed antlers, unless they have notified and received permission from personnel of the Oregon State Police or ODFW prior to transporting.” Even licensed hunters may not pick up roadkilled deer and elk during legal hunting seasons.”

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