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Passion for collecting antlers!

Who doesn’t love to find a shed antler?  For many, collecting shed antlers is a serious obsession.  Living in the heart of Virginia, we don’t find many due to rodents finding them first.  Usually the ones found have gnaw marks already!  It is still pretty neat to find an antler, especially from a really good buck.  Living out west, you never know what kind of antler you may stumble across.  For one Missouri resident, he has a passion for finding sheds and it sounds like he is pretty lucky when it comes to finding them!

“Josh McIntosh of rural Canton loves the great outdoors and the many gifts it has to offer.”

“Not only does nature provide an array of picturesque landscapes, awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets and countless images of beauty throughout the seasons, but it also offers treasures for the taking.”

“One such gift involves antlers shed each year by Missouri’s enormous herd of white-tailed deer.”

“McIntosh, who has been deer hunting since he was 13, saved that first antler because he thought it was beautiful. Then as he kept finding more in different parts of northeastern Missouri, his collection quickly grew.”

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