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A reflection on Father’s Day…..

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, I took some time to reflect on a time that always tugs at my heart strings.  I am a daddy’s girl and enjoy every second with him I can.  However, the struggle comes as I try to understand how my oldest son feels on Father’s Day.  My almost 20 year old son was a definite daddy’s boy!  They did everything together.  Though we both hunted before our divorce, he and Logan were hunting partners.  They loved to fish together and baseball was their life.

Sadly, one beautiful October day shortly after our son’s 12th birthday, his Dad made a terrible choice.  My son will tell you everything happens for a reason and one day we will know that reason.  He misses his hunting partner and baseball coach, but most of all he misses his Dad.  Thank goodness for the photos and the memories.  So, for all your fathers out there, enjoy your day, cherish the moments and never take one second for granted.

“I sit in the frigid moonlight, running my hand over the antler-tipped limbs of my recurve, remembering my dad’s smile in the picture we snapped in our driveway the night I killed the buck that wore these horns. The smells—frosty, decomposing earth, the musky inside of my stocking cap—fuel the vividness of the memory. My mind drifts.”

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