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South Dakota has a plan in place to control Prairie Dogs!

The black-tailed prarie dog is found across the Great Plains.  This rodent can be extremely destructive to local habitat.  When prarie dog colonies move in on ranch and private lands they become known as pests.  For something that normally weighs less than 3 pounds the prarie dog creates havoc for ranchers by foraging on the same vegatation needed for livestock.  The black-tails also make holes and burrow tunnels in the landscape which can be hazardous for anything crossing the landscape on foot or hoof.  Prarie dogs do have natural predators but South Dakota has a plan in place to help when the rodent encroaches onto private lands.
“The South Dakota Departments of Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) and Agriculture (SDDA) want to remind South Dakota ranchers and producers to contact either department regarding prairie dog encroachment issues.”

“Landowners who have encroachment problems on their property from adjacent public land must be within one mile of the public land and have at least 10 acres (of actual prairie dog colonies) to be eligible for assistance. Additionally, landowners must register online to request assistance by Aug. 15, 2017. Once eligibility has been verified, GFP will control the invading colony on private land.”

“The state’s prairie dog control program is cooperatively operated by the GFP and SDDA. GFP manages encroachment issues on private lands which have been encroached from adjacent public lands, while the SDDA manages complaints between private landowners.”


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