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Spider causes Florida vehicle wreck!

Yikes!  I can understand how this wreck happened 100% without a doubt.  Give me snakes, mice, bugs, whatever, but don’t give me a spider.  I don’t like photos of spiders, spider decorations, little spiders, etc.  Spiders are the things nightmares are made of in my world.  My friends love to give me a hard time especially when I am the one everyone calls to catch the snake in their yard or garage.  See, snakes have no legs and I can handle them.  Spiders on the other hand, spin webs for you to walk into and some spiders jump (that is so creepy!).  My kids laugh about the time there was a spider in my truck.  Thankfully, I didn’t wreck but I can definitley understand how this Florida driver did, maybe just a touch of arachnophobia!

“A spider is being blamed for a car crash in the Florida suburbs.”

“Broward Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mike Jachles tweeted that the crash happened Tuesday after the driver saw a spider loose in the car.”

“The white car hit a light pole, knocking it into the street in Cooper City, which is northwest of Miami.”

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