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If you want it, go get it….hunt, fish and don’t wait!

Life is short.  Live the dream.  Book a hunt you’ve always wanted.  Charter the fishing trip of a lifetime.  The memories will last and be passed on.  I don’t always have time to hunt and fish like I want to but I sure do make every effort.  I want to enjoy each hunt.  Last year I booked a catfishing trip to Lake Gaston with my sons.  They had been asking to go for a while. After scrounging together the charter money and making the reservation, off we went.  The sunrise from the lake was amazing that morning, the laughs were irreplaceable and the catfish we hauled in are still talked about.  The trip was priceless in the end and I’m so glad I was able to share that moment with my boys.  Don’t put off taking the trip you’ve always wanted.  Keep reading for Steve Piatt’s view on not waiting!

“Back in 2000, Paula and I were playing a lot of golf – too much golf, actually. It consumed our summers in the Adirondacks and, as we played and then hit the practice range often to work on our games, cut deeply into our time on great fishing spots like Lake Champlain and the Ausable River’s famed West Branch. Before we knew it, the short North Country summer was over.”

“Ultimately, we quit golf. Cold turkey. It had to be that way. If we picked up the sticks we’d be back in the game full bore. Instead, we fished, and fished some more. And relaxed and enjoyed the summer instead of fueling our competitive fire.”

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