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Be wary when “croc spotting”…..[Video]

When I was younger a favorite past time was loading up in my dad’s old scout with a bright beamed spotlight and going out to look for whitetailed deer.  Of course, it was legal back then!  It was always a thrill to come across a huge whitetail buck.  Sometimes those bucks would fill my dreams of future days when I would be old enough to head out and hunt.  For these men from Western Australia, they like to do something similar.  Except go out to “croc spot”.  Recently, on a trip they discovered a ginormous crocodile sunning on the riverbank.  As a matter of fact, they decided to see how close they could get!  Watch and see how these men react when the croc reacts!

“According to Matt Cox, “croc spotting” is a preferred pastime, and the activity is just what it sounds like. It consists of going out on the water in search of crocodiles.”

“On paper, that sounds pretty fun and exhilarating. Who wouldn’t want to see these majestic reptiles in their natural habitat?”

“They had originally been riding along on their boat, in search of barramundi fish on the Ord River in Kununurra, Western Australia. Soon enough, they switched to croc spotting.”

“And oh, did they spot a crocodile!”

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