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Watch this snake catch a ride on the highway!

Imagine you are driving down a busy road just minding your own business when all of a sudden you notice something strange on your car.  You aren’t really sure what to think, in fact, most people probably think they are seeing things.  It appears someone is trying to catch a ride.  However, it becomes apparent really quick that your passenger is slithering its way up your windshield.  What do you do?  Pull over?  Keep driving?  Scream?  I’d say most of us would probably scream if a snake decided to catch a ride on our car!  I am not afraid of snakes in the least bit but I would probably freak a little over this type of snake incident, especially at 60 mph!  Watch this video and see what you think your reaction would be!

“The internet is freaking out about a video of a snake slowly slithering up a man’s car as he drives down a highway.”

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“The video shows a non-venomous rat snake inching up the car’s hood until it peaks through the driver’s side window.”

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