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West Coast Shark Sightings Are Up!

The Marine Mammal Protection Act is doing the job is was designed to do.  Now it is up to water goers off the West Coast to be more aware of their surroundings.  Shark sightings have increased and there have been some encounters with humans.  Thankfully, no fatalities but the sharks have been spotted very close to beach areas.  Regulations are in place to protect many of the food sources preferable by great white sharks which are helping with the population increase. This could also be the cause of more frequent sightings.  The public is encouraged to be vigilant while enjoying the water.  Be smart and stay safe!

“Reports of shark sightings and attacks along the West Coast have popped up in the media more often lately than in years past. Horrifying accounts of legs and arms being torn off by sharks have reestablished the Jaws mentality. Beaches across the country have been reporting more frequent accounts of shark sightings and attacks.”

“Now, with white sharks on the slow uptick, they are encountering people in unprecedented levels. Seals and sea lions are encountering more humans too.”

“The sharks being sighted on the coast of Southern California are primarily young white sharks, averaging six feet in length. Burgess said “young sharks are always found in Southern California, which is a nursery area for little guys. The increase in smaller guys in Southern California is almost certainly the result of increased survivorship of regulations that have been put in place bystate and federal governments.”’

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