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Whoa…..wait until you see what this bass had in it’s mouth! Holy Moley!

You never know what you will see when fishing!  For one angler, he still can’t believe what he saw or found.  I’ve heard stories of largemouth bass having bream or frogs in their mouth.  Even an occasional snake has been reported.  However, you won’t believe what this bass had in it’s mouth.  Can you believe the bass had a mole in it’s mouth?  Me neither!   However, photos don’t lie (usually) and the angler shared some of his memories after the shock wore off.  Never thought about grabbing a plastic mole when deciding on lures!  This angler could be onto something!
“How often do you get to see a mole in a bass’s mouth????? Crazy!” he wrote, in an Instagram post about the strange catch. “Scared me a little went to take my lure or and almost dropped the fish haha.”

“After taking a few pictures Mackinney released the bass, which “swam off just fine,” according to Mackinney’s Instagram post.”

“How the tiny animal got into the fish’s mouth will remain a mystery, although the angler thinks that rains may have forced the mole out of the ground.”

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