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A whole new meaning to “McLovin” it!

In the days of anglers using every type of fishing lure available to mankind, one Texas man decided to try something a little different.  Maybe leftovers are a new trend.  Maybe McDonald’s will have a new advertising tactic.  For one Texas angler and his partner, they decided to try chicken Mcnuggets as bait.  Who would have ever thought the fish would take the golden arches bait?  The kicker is the size of the fish that ordered up meal to go!  It was a McLunker for sure.  Wait until you see what the angler wants to try fishing with next!

“A couple in Texas credits McDonald’s for the catch of a record setting bass.”

“When they had no luck, Matthew McNellis told KDAF his girlfriend suggested using a chicken McNugget as bait to catch fish.”

“McNellis says he took the bass to Highview Marina where it was declared a record-setting catch at Lake Bardwell.”

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