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An amazing tribute to man’s best friend! [Video]

A dog can steal your heart and give you memories to last a lifetime.  You don’t often get the opportunity to have more than one dog of a lifetime.  For me, my dog of a lifetime was inherited.  Her name was Antler and she became my best friend.  Antler was a beagle that belonged to my ex-husband.  He bought her for our son but he bonded with her more than our son.  They went everywhere together.  She was the happiest riding in his truck all over the farm.  One beautiful October day, my son’s father made a choice to end his life.  Through all the questions, tears, anger and numbness, it became apparent, Antler had lost her best friend.  We did the best we could and soon, she and I hit it off.  She’d go anywhere I’d go and loved to snuggle on the sofa and be my shadow.

Sitting at my desk one summer day, I got a call from a neighbor.  Antler had gotten out and made her way to the road.  She had been hit by a car.  I don’t remember the drive home and prayed she would be ok.  Immediately, I knew when I saw her, she would not survive the accident. Gently picking her up, I headed to the vet.  The vet’s eyes told me what I didn’t want to hear.  After some time alone, just me and her, I told my girl goodbye.  I knew the first person she’d meet when she crossed over and I know they’ll be waiting when its my time.

Take a look at this amazing tribute to one hunter’s duck dog, Ruff.  What a tribute!

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