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Big Bucks and Chainsaws

For a couple of guys at Drury Outdoors not only did they get to witness an awesome struggle of power but one that could have led to the deaths of a couple awesome whitetail bucks.  These guys make earn their pay in the great outdoors.  Not only do they hunt for a living they get to see some magnificent whitetails.  One evening while hunting during the rut they heard some crazy sounds.  Like many hunters, the curiosity took over for the hunter and photographer.  What they discovered was an unbelievable sight.  Two beautiful bucks had locked antlers.  Many times this situation leads to death.  Nature is not always sunshine and roses.   The hunter’s instincts took over and they knew they needed to try and get these two bucks separated.  Watch the footage and see how it ends!

“It’s up to Mark Drury and Wade Robinson to save the lives of these two huge locked bucks in a life-or-death struggle in Missouri!”

“Man, what an incredible encounter! The fact they got it on video to share with the world makes it all the better!”

“They were in the right place at the right time to give these bucks some extra motivation to wrench free.”

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