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This bobcat attacks everything in sight! [Video]

Watch this video of what seems to be a downward spiral!  It all started when a bobcat attacked a dog.  A man driving by saw the attack and stopped to help.  His adrenaline was so high he forgot to put his car in gear.  As he ran to help the dog his car began to roll away.  Another bystander ran to save the first guy’s car.  Once the dog and bobcat were separated the dog attacked the guy trying to help!  I’m not sure who got the worst part of the deal!  With the bobcat latched on to his hand the bystander gave him a swing and finally got him to let go.  In fact, he sent the sick cat flying.  This must have been a scary and painful few minutes for all those involved!

“A bobcat that attacked a dog got the ride of its life when it tried to go after a bystander that got out to help — and it was all caught on video.”

“As you can see, the bobcat turns its attention from the poor German Shepherd to the good Samaritan bystander. He seems to be biting his hand and holding onto it.”

“That’s when the bystander decided to show the bobcat the ol’ what-for. He swung the vicious animal around and landed it smack on the ground. The bobcat eventually decided to run away, no doubt worse for the experience.”

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