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Check out this boat that fuels itself!

I am not a technology savy person.  Seems most days I have to get my boys to show my how to operate something electronic.  They tell me I’m technology challenged and I agree!  I don’t stay on top of technology issues because I’d rather be outside hunting or fishing.  However,  I recently heard about a boat that could fuel itself and it sounded pretty interesting.  We are always hearing about ways to save our environment and I try to do my part toward keeping our environment a safe and healthy place.  Reading up on this boat planning to sail the seas for six years sounds pretty interesting to me.  It will be interesting to see how it progresses on its journey at sea.  See what you think!

“A boat that fuels itself is setting off around the world from Paris on a six-year journey that its designers hope will serves as a model for emissions-free energy networks of the future.”

“Energy Observer will use its solar panels, wind turbines and a hydrogen fuel cell system to power its trip.”

“The futuristic-looking 30.5-meter (100-foot) boat will rely on sun or wind during the day and tap into its hydrogen reservoirs at night. It produces its own hydrogen through electrolysis of sea water.”

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