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Coyote attacks in the broad daylight! [Video]

Coyotes are a nuisance animal!   We live in a neighborhood where we, along with many of our neighbors, have pets.  My oldest son has a new chocolate lab puppy and we also have an older Shih Tzu.  The dogs love to be out in our yard.  Up until a couple of weeks ago we could let them out without blinking an eye.  Now, they can only go out if we are with them.  I always loved to sit out on my deck in the evening and listen to the coyotes howl.  Its a sound that carries me back to my days in Montana.  However, when the coyotes made an appearance in my yard, my view changed.  I really do not want my dogs to become a coyote’s dinner.  For one California resident, she had an unnerving coyote experience in the broad daylight!  Wait until you see what happens to her pet!

“Surveillance video from a Chatsworth home captured a frightening moment when a 4-year-old Maltese was attacked by a coyote in broad daylight earlier this week.”

“The video shows the coyote lunging toward the white dog and the dog falling backward, seemingly unharmed.”

“Fortunately, the coyote was spooked when one of her other dogs, a Rottweiler, went outside.”

“Cindy Mednick, who also lives in Chatsworth, told KTLA that three dogs have been “taken and killed” by coyotes in the last few weeks.”

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