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Her dog was missing for nearly 5 years! Wait until you see where he was found!

Man’s best friends can cause major heartache when they run off, are taken by someone else or simply just disappear.  I’ve always had a dog and currently have two.  I can’t imagine how I would feel if either of my dogs disappeared.  Imagine your dog being gone for almost 5 years when you get a call that he has been found.  This is just what happened to a North Carolina woman recently.  Shiny, her pit-bull, disappeared out of her yard one day and wasn’t seen for nearly 5 years.  Thankfully, Ms. Davis recently received a phone call that would make her day!  Shiny had been found in good condition.  Wait until you see where Shiny was found!

“Michelle Davis was heartbroken when her pit-bull vanished four and a half years ago in North Carolina.”

“Then five years old, Shiny dug a hole and escaped under the fence.”

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“This wasn’t the first time Shiny vanished. He had been taken before. That time, Davis said his dognappers eventually dumped him because he wasn’t a good fighter, and Shiny eventually found his own way home.”

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