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Elk calf born in West Virginia could be first in over 150 years!

West Virginia began reintroducing elk in 2016.  They joined Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia that have also reintroduced elk over the past 15 years as well.  West Virginia’s legislature gave the go ahead for elk reintroduction back in 2015.   Several of the cows brought in with the transplant herd were pregnant at the time. A recent report of a calf elk being with the elk herd has brought exciting news to Division of Natural Resources staff.  This elk calf could be the first elk calf born in West Virginia in over 150 years!  Again, this is great news and hopefully the herd will have breeding success in the wilds of West Virginia!

‘The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources announced on Thursday the birth of an elk calf at the Tomblin Wildlife Management Area.”

“The birth was confirmed Thursday morning when the calf was caught passing by a camera DNR officials set up in recent weeks to monitor movement of a pregnant cow separated from the rest of the herd.”

“Legislation in 2015 authorized the Division of Natural Resources to begin an active elk restoration plan. The Tomblin Wildlife Management Area in Logan and McDowell counties includes 9,000 acres of land for elk restoration. Adjacent lands also have been purchased for the elk restoration area.”

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