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What is your favorite duck to hunt?

I am a birder and I love ducks!  My father was a duck hunter when I was a little kid.  He’d come home from a cold morning along the Staunton River with his limit of mallards and woodies.  He even brought one home with a cool aluminum band!

My favorite story of Dad’s ducking hunting days involves hot chocolate.  He and his buddy Phil were hunting at “the island” on a extremely cold morning.  Phil’s wife had sent a thermos of hot chocolate and they decided to enjoy a mug while there was s break in the action.  About the time the last cup was being poured they both heard a pair of wings coming down the river.  Dad looked up just in time to see the wings were accompained by a very long thin tail feather.  Just like that, his first and last Pintail drake on the Staunton.  Needless to say, the hot chocolate stayed in the truck until after the hunt on later trips!

All duck hunters have their favorite birds!  Check out this article from Outdoor Life on the top 10 ducks favored by duck hunters!  Is your favorite listed?  Mine turned out to be number one!

“Waterfowlers are an opinionated lot. We tend to be fierce advocates for any duck call or decoy in our possession, hence the most vocal critics of yours. Hunt anywhere in the country, however, and you won’t find stronger opinions than what duck species rate high marks and which get relegated to “trash-duck” status.”

“I’ve hunted all over, and while that doesn’t make me an expert on the subject of top-ten duck species, it certainly gives my opinion as much weight as yours. Some on the list are personal favorites, some are yours, and you’ll find at least one you’ll insist shouldn’t be here at all.”

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