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Help can come from the strangest places! [Video]

Help can come from the strangest places.  For one little fawn, his rescuer came in the shape of a big white dog.  Watch this video of a dog saving the fawn from a swim in Long Island Sound.  Once the deer was on the shore the dog even tried to nudge it back to its feet!  Though the fawn wasn’t very cooperative and decided to hit the water a second time, he was able to be saved again.

“A New York state man captured video of his dog swimming out into the Long Island Sound to drag a struggling baby deer to safety.”

“Mark Freeley said he was walking Sunday morning with his golden retriever, Storm, and his other dog, Sara, when Storm ran out into the water and started swimming toward something.”

“Freeley called in rescuers and waited with the fawn on the beach, but he said the deer ran back into the water as soon as the rescuers arrived.”


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