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Hunter’s miss…it happens! Do you know why?

I live, eat and breathe spring gobbler hunting.  Plus, I spend all year waiting for April to roll around.  Usually I am watching turkey hunting shows, checking out new products and recalling hunts from years gone by.  When I started out turkey hunting many years ago, I started out rough.  I missed so many birds that first season.  It still amazes me that I stuck with it.  Everything that could go wrong that season did go wrong until the last morning.  However, when that ol’ gobbler came acoss the knoll in a half strut and my 12 gauge finally connected, I was hooked!  I bought a new shotgun, new hunting attire, new calls, new seats, etc.  I was finally a turkey hunter.

For 15 years I never missed a gobbler and tagged out several seasons.  Pause the story at April 2017.  What turned out to be a crazy season due to weather and fickle birds made me wonder if I would notch even one tag.  Finally on day three of the season I took a nice 2 year old gobbler.  The next morning’s hunt was a different story.  I missed a huge gobbler and I simply couldn’t believe it!  I simply don’t miss when hunting turkeys.  It was truly a humbling experience and grounded me quite a bit.

Keep reading for the top three reasons hunters miss!  It happens and here are some reasons why!

“There can be many reasons hunters miss a shot at a big game animal — almost as many reasons as there are excuses. As arrogant as it might sound, I don’t miss all that often. It’s not because I’m Natty Bumppo — aka Hawkeye — or my rifle is the equivalent of his Killdeer; it’s because I avoid falling victim to the three most common reasons hunters miss game.”

“The good news is if you work to avoid these three common mistakes, your success in the field will improve. The bad news is there are no guarantees when it comes to shooting or hunting. With a professional hunter or guide looking over your shoulder, and with the animal of your dreams staring at you through your riflescope, sometimes the gravity of the situation is just too much to withstand, and you will miss. ”

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