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Indiana farmers benefit from partnership with deer hunters!

The word deer can send some farmers into an absolute fit of rage.  A few weeks back, my grandfather, who just happens to be 103 was out tending to his garden.  He soon realized his cucumbers had become a midnight snack for deer.  Now, my grandfather is a very patient and humble man but he doesn’t care for deer or groundhogs in his garden.  I’m pretty sure there was some mention of a .270 come November that would help take care of the deer situation but for now he’d have to figure out a different approach.  And believe me, at 103 he still manages to work on the deer management on his farm (from his treestand might I add!).

Deer hunters can be a farmer’s best friend.  A new program from Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources is partnering hunters up with farmers to help reduce crop damage from deer prior to their general hunting seasons. For more information on the program check out Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

“Landowners dealing with damage done by deer to their crops, forested land or landscaping can sign up for a program that allows hunting on their property.”

“The Indiana Department of Natural Resources says the application period for the Hunters Helping Farmers program runs through Aug. 30.”

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