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Killer Mallards!

Well, I guess ducks will eat anything.  Mallards in Romania have been viewed killing and eating other small birds.  This sounds like an odd behavior especially considering what a duck’s normal diet is comprised of.  I can imagine the surprise of those that witnessed the puddle ducks eating meat.  Coincidentally, it happened not once but twice.  Could it be a learned behavior of mallards at this particular location or just a couple of opportunistic ducks?  Regardless of the reason, it seems odd for ducks to eat birds.  They just aren’t made to consume larger food sources.   Guess these mallards proved everything normal in a duck diet as wrong!

“A team of zoologists filmed a group of mallard ducks attacking and eating other birds in Romania.”

“One of the observers watched an adult female duck clamp down on a small grey wagtail and repeatedly submerge it in the water, the report said. Once the wagtail was dead, the duck ate it whole.”

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