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Kite boarder hits an unexpected bump! [Video]

Kite boarders love the thrill of the open ocean and exhilarating ride!  They say its hard to beat sea spray hitting you in the face while riding the wind.  Just you and the might blue ocean.  You even hook up a video camera to record your ride.  However, you never imagined what your camera would record.

Watch as this kite boarder hits an unexpected bump in the ocean!  Think he ever thought he’d run over a whale?  Watch as his camera records the whole incident and the look on the kite boarder’s face.  Talk about crazy timing.  It’s no telling what he was thinking.  Pretty sure, I would have gone and bought a lottery ticket once my feet hit dry land!  I mean, what are the chances of running right over a whale while riding your board?

Keep watching to see this unbelievable footage!

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