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Knock Knock! Who’s there? Bear……[Video]

When you see a huge black bear sleeping on your front porch what do you do?  You try hard not to wake him up!  Actually, for one Florida couple, they called the police.  Like something out of a child’s story, this monster black bear decided it needed a nap and Warren Woodard’s front porch looked like a great place to catch cat nap.  Thank goodness the homeowners didn’t walk up on the bear unexpectedly.  The bear was no worse for the wear when the police arrived.  He (or maybe she) woke up quickly and departed the area.  I bet it was still a little unnerving for the homeowners.  How often do you come home to a bear on your porch?

“When a Longwood man arrived home to find a black bear lying on his doorstep, he thought the animal was sleeping or injured — and then it woke up, the homeowner recalled Friday.”

“Woodard said it had been storming all afternoon and he thinks the massive bear was trying to escape the rain.”

“Woodard said he’s glad he didn’t come face to face with the bear.”

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