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A little too close for comfort! [Video]

Having spent many falls in Yellowstone National Park, I have seen some sights.  Often times people lose their minds when they get in the park and see all the wildlife.  Did I mention WILDlife?  Visitors forget the bison and elk do not enter a closed area at night like the zoo.  Nor are they behind a clear glass panel.  Those creatures are wild and free roaming.  They do not want to be included in your selfie and they do not want you to approach.  In fact if you approach you are breaking the law.  Bull are rutting in the fall and cows are protecting their young in the spring.  All of these animals are unpredictable.  I’ve closed my eyes many times watching folks interact with elk along the Firehole and Madison rivers.  I just didn’t want to be the witness!

For one photographer he got a little too close for comfort with a young spike bull in the Smokey Mountains.  To say the least the photographer was very lucky!  Keep watching as the photographer gets some pretty close shots from his angle!


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