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Maine Warden Service complete a successful search and rescue mission!

How terrifying is must have been for family and friends when 84 year old Helen Smith went missing last week.  Mrs. Smith has several health conditions which increased the concern.  To make matters worse, storms moved into the area as the search began.  The Maine Warden Service train throughout the year to assist localities in search and rescue missions.  Along with their K9 teams, the wardens were available quickly for the search.  Thankfully this mission had a good outcome and Mrs. Smith was able to be taken back home.

“Game warden K9 team locates missing 84-year-old Alna woman. At approximately 6:00 PM last evening, June 27, the Maine Warden Service received a call from Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department requesting assistance with locating Helen Smith from Alna. Smith is believed to have Dementia and was overdue for her insulin for Diabetes. She was last seen at her residence on Rabbit Path Road at about 1:00 PM yesterday.”

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“Thunderstorms and periods of heavy rain were moving through the area. Smith was thought to be wearing only a t-shirt and capris pants. As luck would have it, several members of the Maine Warden Service K9 Team were conducting night training when the call came in. Within an hour, four game warden K9 teams arrived on scene to assist with locating Smith.”

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