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Oklahoma lady tends to snake problem, her way!

I love this story! It brings back great memories.  Mrs. Newby now known as the “snake killer” sounds like my great-grandmother, otherwise known Granny Willie.  My Granny Willie was a southern lady that loved the Lord, her family, cooking, tending her flowers and fishing!  She did not love snakes.  Granny ended many a snake’s life with the rounded end of her garden hoe.  I watched her inflict many a swift blow to a snake that slithered into her yard.  As I read more about Mrs. Newby from Oklahoma it truly carried me back over 30 years ago.  Mrs. Newby took snake management into her own hands.  There won’t be any snakes in her yard if she has anything to do with it!

“A 72-year-old Oklahoma woman refused to let more than a dozen copperhead snakes slither under her home unchecked Friday, using a shotgun, shovel and rake handle to crush and blast the critters to death.”

“The woman, identified only as Mrs. Newby, was dubbed the “snake killer” after she was spotted with 11 dead reptiles on the ground, neighbor Susan Thompson wrote in a Facebook post.”

“Thompson later added that Mrs. Newby, who appeared smiling and waving in the photo, had used a shotgun, shovel and rake handle to kill the snakes.”

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