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The police were called after this baby goat was stillborn! [Video]

Being raised in the country on a 200 plus acre cattle farm meant there was always something going on.  I learned the ins and outs of life and death at an early age.  Raising meat and vegetables taught lessons on consumption and compassion.  The two don’t always go hand in hand but each are just as important.  Those days on my grandparent’s farm taught me many valuable lessons.  I saw quite a few oddities as well.  The calf born with 2 heads was a lesson in genetics explained from my grandfather.  Learning to shoot a gun came from my days on a farm.  We didn’t buy our meat from the grocery store.  We raised it and slaughtered it.  My grandfather taught me quickly that a good aim was needed as not to cause any additional suffering.

Recently one Argentinian goat farmer received a shocking discovery.  One of her kid goats was still born which is not unsual when raising livestock.  However, the deformity of the goat’s face created quite a stir.  I have to admit the facial features of the goat did look like something out of a sci-fi movie.  Once the photos hit social media, neighbors called the police!  Not sure what the police could do unless they neighbors wanted an alien investigation done.  Come on folks, its nature. Its not always pretty and its not always normal.  Things happen!  Take a look at this video of the little goat!

The kid had ‘protruding eyes’ and a flat, human-like face when it was born in San Luis province, central Argentina.

Owner Gladys Oveido says she was left ‘deeply surprised’ when she saw its bizarre face staring back at her.

The baby goat, who was sadly stillborn, attracted international attention when Ms Oveido’s daughter-in-law shared a video of it on social media.
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